Your Radio Station on Android TV

Complementing our range of apps is the Android TV app, by IBADALIVE, which will get your radio station available on millions of Android TV devices.

Android TV growth is clearly visible with a number of vendors choosing it as their base platform, this includes not only the native Google devices, but major players such as Sony (*1).

There are many more TV manufacturers shipping with Android TV, here’s a list of just a few of them : Sony, Sharp, Philips, and OnePlus. Android TV not only ships on TV’s, it is also available on a number of set top boxes such as : Nvidia, AirTV, and Xiaomi.

With the Android TV market rumoured to be valued at $236 billion by 2026 (*2) now is a great time to get your Radio Station alongside some of the bigger players in the Radio market.

Following our model of a ZERO upfront cost, we’re giving Radio Stations the opportunity to get listed alongside some of the big players in the media industry and getting their station on the Android TV platform with no upfront or development costs and just a low monthly fee.


How does it work?

When you sign up, you just need to supply some basic information name of your station, audio stream and some logos) and well build and publish your Android TV App to the Android TV Store and it will be available on millions of Android TV devices.

Interact with your listeners!

Interact with your listeners by using the ‘ticker’ feature and display realtime messages to your listeners. We also offer you the opportunity to monetize your Android TV channel by showing adverts on the screen! Sell advertising space, sponsorship messages.

Monetise your channel!

Monetise your Android TV App and display adverts on-screen. You can upload advert/sponsorship advert images via our control panel in real time. This will allow you to sell advertising spots on your channel and monetise your station!

Get Started

Simply signup, select the Android TV service, create an account and submit the info.