Your Radio Station
on Apple TV!

With Apple TV device sales now reaching over 13 million devices sold in 2019, you should consider getting your Radio Station broadcasting on the Apple TV platform and reaching a new audience.

Now that Apple TV have opened up their platforms to developers, more and more broadcasters are turning to the Apple TV platform to reach a wider audience and tap into those 13 million devices. IBADALIVE are currently in a position to get your Radio Station broadcasting on the Apple TV platform regardless of where you already broadcast and who is your streaming provider.

Not only will we broadcast your existing audio stream, but we’ll convert your Radio Station into a TV station and include items such as the Now Playing song titles, cover art or artist images, your Radio Stations logo, slogan (or tagline) and also a live ticker feature which you can configure in realtime to interact with your listeners.

If you’re ready to reach a new audience via the Apple TV platform, then you can sign up to our Apple TV App service and we’ll take your existing Radio Stations stream and convert it to a TV channel and have you broadcasting live on Apple TV in no time!


We’ll build and publish your TV App for your Radio Station with NO upfront development or setup costs, just a small monthly fee to cover hosting and operational costs.

  • No setup/development costs

  • Monetise by showing adverts

  • Easy setup/submission process

  • News/Info Ticker

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

All we need from you to get your Radio Station broadcasting live on the Apple TV Platform are some logos and your Radio Stations live audio stream, that’s it! Via our control panel you can upload advert images that will display and also update the ‘ticker’ in real time. Just sign up, submit your info and we’ll do the rest! We’ll build and publish your Apple TV App (*).

How to Interact with your listeners?

Interact with your listeners by using the ‘ticker’ feature and display real time messages to your listeners. We also offer you the opportunity to monetize your Apple TV channel by showing adverts on the screen! Sell advertising space, sponsorship messages.

Can I Monetize my channel?

Monetise your Apple TV App and display adverts on-screen. You can upload advert/sponsorship advert images via our control panel in real time. This will allow you to sell advertising spots on your channel and monetise your station!

How do I sign up?

Simply create your account with us, select the Apple TV App service, and submit the info.

What information is required?

Please visit this page for the exact list of requirements for this service.