Get your Radio/TV Station on the Roku TV Platform!

There are now over 70 million active accounts on the Roku platform and millions of Roku devices sold, this means a potential 70 million listeners for your Radio Station! We can not only get YOUR Radio Station on the Roku platform, but we can enhance your Radio Station and convert it into a TV Station!

Why settle for just getting onto the Roku platform when we can do so much more for you. We can take your Radio Station to the next level with our Roku Radio App service. We’ll take your audio stream, the songs you are playing and the artist/covert art and display it all on your Roku Channel, updating the songs as they are played and displaying the name of the artist and song that is playing along with the artist image and/or cover art of the song.


How does it work?

All we need from you to get your Radio Station broadcasting live on the Roku Platform are some logos and your Radio Stations live audio stream, that’s it! Via our control panel you can upload advert images that will display and also update the ‘ticker’ in real time. Just sign up, submit your info and we’ll do the rest! We’ll build and publish your Roku Channel. Ready to get your Radio Station live on the Roku platform in front of a potential 70 million viewers?

Interact with your listeners!

Interact with your listeners by using the ‘ticker’ feature and display realtime messages to your listeners. We also offer you the opportunity to monetize your Roku channel by showing adverts on the screen! Sell advertising space, sponsorship messages.

Monetise your channel!

Monetise your Roku TV App and display adverts on-screen. You can upload advert/sponsorship advert images via our control panel in real time. This will allow you to sell advertising spots on your channel and monetise your station!

Get Started

Simply signup, select the ROKU  TV APP service, create an account and submit the info.