Key Features for Broadcasters

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABR)

Adaptive Bitrate streaming offers dynamic TV streaming capabilities to you. This is one of the best reasons to fall in love with the IbadaLive. The video stream will still contain a single URL, but it will continue to stream the video in different formats. It is possible to squash or stretches the video to make it match perfectly well with different sizes of screens. However, the video file will never change, regardless of the end device that a person is using to play the stream. This will help you to deliver a perfect video streaming experience to the greatest number of subscribers.

When you are offering your TV stream with Adaptive Bitrate Streaming, no person will have to deal with the problem of video buffering. Buffering is a common problem in TV streams. It can happen when the video file takes more time to download than the speed where the video is playing. You can allow the viewers to get video reception at a compatible speed with adaptive Bitrate streaming. Even if the recipients have a low-speed Internet connection, you can make sure that they will not have to face any challenges with media content streaming. This will eventually help you to increase the total number of subscribers who watch your video streams.

Advanced Playlists Scheduler

Now you can schedule a playlist as per the specific needs you have. There is no need to go through a challenging experience to schedule the playlist. We provide an easy-to-use interface, which you can use to schedule a playlist of your choice in a breeze.

While scheduling the playlist, you will also be able to have complete control over how your viewers are accessing content. You can configure every aspect of the playlist as well. Once you start using it, you will never come across any challenges or complaints.

Once you make a change to the playlist, you can get that updated across all channels in real-time. We have a smart algorithm, which can deliver the fastest playlist updates to you. Another great thing about our advanced playlist scheduler is that it is located on the cloud. You have the freedom to pick files directly from the cloud storage. This will help you to access the advanced playlist schedule anytime, anywhere.

The Advanced Playlists Scheduler allows the creation as well as management of playlists across multiple channels daily. All you need to do is to access this playlist scheduler and schedule content. It will help you to get rid of most manual work that you have to do and experience convenience.

Chat System

Do you want to have a chat alongside the live stream? You can have that feature with IbadaLive now. As a TV streamer, you will never want to make your TV streams boring for the viewers. The chat system will increase the interactive and engaging nature of all your video streams.

The chat system will never create a negative impact on the video stream. It doesn’t consume a lot of bandwidth as well. On the other hand, it will not disrupt the viewing experience. We do all the hard work to keep the chat system up and running. You don’t have to do anything, and you just need to implement that alongside the live stream. Then you can allow all interested viewers to access the chat system and continue to have a chat.

Having a chat system will help you to attract more viewers to the live stream as well. Chat systems are already available on the live streams of other platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. If you are not having one, you will probably miss out on some of the people. Without allowing that to happen, you can simply use the chat system that is made available to you with IbadaLive. When the chat system is in place, your TV streams will never be boring again.

Commercial Video

If you want to earn an income through your TV streaming, you will need to play commercials. Your sponsors will provide multiple video commercials to you. You will have to play them as per the agreements that you have with the sponsors. This can be a challenging job to you at times. However, the IbadaLive will help you to overcome struggles associated with scheduling commercial videos.

Let’s assume you get multiple video commercials from several sponsors. You agree with them to play the commercials at certain times of the day. You just need to configure them on the IbadaLive. Then you can get the commercial videos to play as per the agreement. This will help you with overcoming the challenge of scheduling commercial videos on your TV stream.

For example, you sign an agreement with a sponsor to play a commercial video after every five videos you play in the playlist. IbadaLive allows you to do this configuration within a matter of few minutes. That’s all you have to do, and it will deliver the returns that you expect to receive. You can use IbadaLive to maintain strong relationships with your sponsors and earn a decent revenue out of your TV streams.

Jingle Video feature to allow you to run a playlist inside the current scheduler playlist after X videos. For example : Play advertising videos every 3 videos in any playlist running in the scheduler.

IbadaLive provides all the support you want to go ahead with hybrid streaming. That’s because it allows you to access direct M3U8 and RTMP links. M3U8 URL is playing a major role behind live video streaming and video-on-demand streaming. That’s because video players tend to use the information present in the text files to locate both video and audio files related to a stream. This is one of the most essential parts that you can see within HLS Streaming Technology. When there is an M3U8 link, you will be able to integrate the video streams with smart TV apps and mobile apps. They include Apple TV, Roku, and many more.

Do you want to make your viewers access your video streams from multiple devices? Then you should use IbadaLive for streaming. As mentioned earlier, the IbadaLive stream will contain direct M3U8 and RTMP links, which enables hybrid streaming. You can have more subscribers at the end of the day because they have access to different methods to watch the TV stream.

You can easily activate the M3U8 Link and RTMP Link with the help of the IbadaLive . Then all your video streams will contain it. As a result, your subscribers will not have to go through any challenge to access the stream on different devices.

Domain Locking

Do you want to lock your TV streaming only to a specific domain? IbadaLive  can help you with it. Re-streaming of content by third parties is one of the biggest challenges faced by media content streamers out there as of now. No matter how hard you try, there are situations where third-party streamers will illegally gain access to your media streams. If you want to stay away from this, you should lock the TV stream only to a specific domain. This is IbadaLive can help.

IbadaLive allows you to restrict your video playlists to domains. You can simply go to the playlists that you have already configured, navigate to settings, and restrict the domains. If you keep the field blank, no domain restrictions will be applicable. However, domain restrictions will be applicable once you enter a specific domain. For example, if you enter the domain, your video stream will only be available through that domain. No other person will be able to re-stream content via a different domain.

You will be able to add multiple domain names at a time and restrict your TV stream to them. You just need to enter all the domain names separated by a comma (,).

Download videos from YouTube and Restream from YouTube Live

YouTube has the biggest video content database on the internet. As a TV stream broadcaster, you will find numerous valuable resources on YouTube. Hence, you will come across the need to download content available on YouTube and restream them on your own. IbadaLive allows you to do it with less hassle.

Along with IbadaLive, you can get a comprehensive YouTube video downloader. You have the freedom to download any YouTube video with the help of this downloader. The downloaded videos can then be added to your playlist, so that you can proceed with streaming them. Since IbadaLive allows you to restream content on social media, you may think about streaming the same videos via YouTube Live as well. When you start using this feature, you can start to find videos on YouTube and restream them on YouTube itself. You will never run out of content or people to view your content by doing this.

Drag & Drop File Uploader

As a broadcaster, you will come across the need to upload a large number of media files to your video streaming panel regularly. That’s why you prefer to have an easy way to proceed with uploading the media files. We understand your need and that’s why we offer an easy-to-use drag and drop file uploader along with the video streaming panel. This file uploader will make life easy for you as a content broadcaster.

In a traditional video streaming panel, you will have to go through a complex and time-consuming process to upload media files. For example, you will have to use an FTP or SFTP client to upload media files. This will also require you to have technical expertise. You should download external applications, install them on the computer, and have to spend your efforts unnecessarily for uploading media files. With our video streaming panel, you will only have to do fraction of the work.

When you want to upload a media file, you just need to drag and drop the file into the web interface. Then the file uploader will proceed with uploading the media file. This is an effortless way to upload media files into your streaming panel.

Easy URL Branding

Instead of managing just an ordinary content stream, it is worthy to brand your stream. IbadaLive allows you the chance to brand the streams as well.

When you want to share your video stream with subscribers or viewers, you do it with the URL. All the viewers will see the URL before they add it to a player for streaming content. What if you can customize this URL with your branding? Then you can make your brand more familiar to the people who are seeing the URL. You can easily do it with the help of the IbadaLive.

IbadaLive allows you the chance to access a feature, where you can make a custom change to the streaming URL. You have the freedom to add any wording to the URL. We strongly encourage you to add your unique brand to the URL. If you can do this for all TV streaming URLs, you can make your long-term subscribers quickly identify that it is a stream of you. Along with time, you can even make others aware of it.

GeoIP Country Locking

When you are broadcasting media content, you will come across the need to restrict it to a specific audience. For example, you will want to make your content visible only to people who come from a certain country. IbadaLive provides you the ability to restrict this easily via the media streaming panel.

The IbadaLive streaming panel comes along with geo-blocking technology. Every device connected to the internet for watching your TV stream has an IP address. This IP address is a unique address for each user. It is possible to classify these IP addresses based on the country. In fact, every country has its own range of IP addresses.

If you can make your TV stream visible only to a certain IP Address range, you can make sure that only people who have those IP addresses can watch it. This doesn’t sound easy as it read. That’s because you will have to determine the country specific IP address ranges. IbadaLive allows you to do it effortlessly. You can simply block any country or unlock any country from the interface. There is no need to worry about IP address ranges as IbadaLive will take care of it. This will eventually help you to lock your content to countries as per your wish.

Historical Reporting and Statistics for Broadcasters

As a broadcaster, you will always be interested in understanding how many people watch your TV streams and whether the figures are satisfactory or not. When you regularly go through statistics, you can also see whether the figures are increasing or not. IbadaLive allows you have convenient access to all statistics and reports that you need to know.

You should not conduct a TV stream only for the purpose of doing so. You’ll have to figure out how to take it to the next level. This is where your TV streams should provide input. In this case, statistics and reporting come into play.

IbadaLive’s statistics and reporting tool will assist you in clearly analyzing the history of viewers. You may also monitor how long users spent watching your broadcast. If the numbers are poor, look for methods to increase the video stream’s quality or engaging character in order to attract more people.

The metrics may also be filtered by date. You may examine data for today, the last three days, the last seven days, this month, or the previous month, for example. Alternatively, you may choose a specific time frame and obtain access to the details.

If you want to do a secure live stream, you should take a look at HTTPS streaming. This is a measure that you can stop to keep other people away from copying the TV video streams that you host. On top of that, you will also be able to add a new layer of protection for the videos that you stream as well.

VDO Panel now offers HTTPS encryption or SSL protection for all the video streams. All people who gain access to the VDO Panel now have access to it. This technology provides encryption to all the open connect servers. It will never create any impact on the efficiency or speed of the video stream. Hence, you can make sure that your viewers will not have to face any challenges as they continue to watch your video stream.

There are prying eyes on insecure connections. You should never use an insecure connection to stream media content. If you do, you will be risking yourself as well as your viewers. There is no need to worry about such insecure streams because now VDO Panel offers HTTPS streaming. When you are streaming content, you might even sense how other third parties are interested in the data you stream. HTTPS streaming can help you to stay away from all those problems.


When you do a public live stream, the content you share will be visible to everyone. This might be something that you don’t want to happen. The developers of the IbadaLive are aware of your challenges. That’s why we provide IP locking features to your TV streaming.

Before you do a TV stream, you will be able to configure different parameters in your stream. This is where you can access IP locking functionality. All you need to know is the IP address of the people to whom you are willing to provide access to the live stream. If you have just one IP address, you can add that into the configuration, and your TV stream will only be visible to that person.

Imagine that you are doing a paid TV stream. People who join the stream can share the URL with others. If you want to stop this, the IP locking feature will help you. You just need to request the IP address of the participants along with their payment. Then you can lock the TV stream only to that IP address. By doing this, you will be able to make your content restricted only to the people who should have access to the stream.

Live and WebTV standard Audio with Audio playerAudio player

Do you want to have an audio-only stream? IbadaLive allows you to do it as well. You can get live and WebTV standard audio along with the audio player of IbadaLive.

If you are a person who does music streams, you can think about embedding only the audio on a website. You must have seen such streams in numerous websites. The IbadaLive feature will allow you to embed only the audio, while keeping video away. You will only be sending the audio stream to the website and the people who play audio stream will be consuming less bandwidth.

The standard audio player offered by IbadaLive is compatible with any type of website. Moreover, people will be able to access it from different devices that they have. The audio stream will play on both computers as well as mobile devices.

You can easily configure the audio stream as well. All you should do is to tweak some parameters in IbadaLive to enable this functionality. It will help you to generate the code, which you can embed in another website to enable audio player.

Multi-Bitrate Streaming

Most people confuse Multi-Bitrate Streaming with Adaptive Bitrate Streaming, but it is completely different. Adaptive Bitrate Streaming will automatically adjust the Bitrate to show the best version of a video that is available. The user will not have to manually select the Bitrate to continue watching the video. However, you can provide multiple Bitrates for the users to select from with Multi-Bitrate Streaming.

IbadaLive allows you to proceed with Multi-Bitrate Streaming. In other words, your video stream will contain different streams, where each stream has a unique bitrate. You can make all these streams available to the viewers of your TV stream. Then you can allow them to select from the list of TV streams. Any viewer can pick a stream based on preferences and network speed. Some of the streams that you can offer include 144p, 240p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p. This provides extra options for your viewers to gain access to your video stream effortlessly.

If you are concerned about the quality of experience that your viewers can get, you should never ignore the importance of Multi-Bitrate Streaming. You can even use this feature to promote your TV stream and tell how convenient it is for the subscribers to pick video streaming quality on their own.

Multilingual Support (14 Languages)

IbadaLive is a TV streaming panel that people all around the world can use. It is not just accessible to people from different parts of the world. The team behind IbadaLive is looking forward to making support available to people all over the world as well.

As of now, IbadaLive offers multilingual support to its users in 18 languages. The supported languages include English, Arabic, German, French, Persian, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Chinese, and Turkish. In other words, IbadaLive is looking forward to offering its services to people who come from all around the world. This is the real advantage of using a video streaming panel such as the IbadaLive while leaving behind other available options.

Even if you are a complete beginner to TV streaming with a video streaming panel, you can come up with the decision to start using IbadaLive . Whenever you are stuck and you need help, you just need to go ahead and get in touch with the customer support team. They are willing to provide all the support you want in a language that you are familiar with. Hence, you can overcome the problem that you face, without having to deal with any confusion.

Powerful Playlist Manager

You can’t sit in front of the video streaming panel and continue with playing different media files manually. Instead, you prefer to have access to an easy-to-use playlist manager. Then you can configure and automate the playlist.

IbadaLiveprovides you with access to one of the most powerful playlist managers that you can ever find. You cannot ask for a better playlist manager as it provides everything you want for scheduling playlists. For example, you will even have access to fine configurations, where you can configure the playlist as per the preferences that you have.

The powerful playlist manager will assist you to completely automate the functionality of the video streaming server. If you have a tight schedule and if you can’t be bothered to configure it every single day, you will fall in love with this feature. You can simply do a one-time configuration and automate the playlist. After this configuration, you can continue with playing the TV channel throughout 24 hours of the day.

If there is a need for you to do a change to the playlist, you can quickly access the playlist manager and do it. Even if the playlist manager is a powerful one, making changes to it is not something complex.

Quick Links can always make life easy for you as a streamer. This is the main reason why IbadaLive provides you with access to multiple quick links. You can gain access to numerous quick links via IbadaLive. For example, you have the chance to generate a quick link for the streaming URL at any given time. This will help you to share your stream with others effortlessly. Likewise, you will even be able to generate quick links for your FTP upload as well.

The quick links can help you with generating URLs for uploading or transmitting the TV stream channel. Or else, you can generate a quick link for the streaming URL and get more people to watch your TV stream channel. You will be able to generate quick links for all sorts of URLs that the IbadaLive is providing. This will help you to make your life easy with link sharing.

The quick link generation process is highly efficient as well. You can simply generate it within a matter of a few seconds. Make sure that you always generate quick links and share the URLs, whenever there is a need.

Schedule stream on Simulcasting (Social Media Relay)

Similar to scheduling your playlists, you can also schedule your streams on social media networks through simulcasting. IbadLive allows you to do simulcasting on multiple social media networks, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and Periscope.

You will never have to go through any challenges when you are trying to stream content on social media platforms. There is no need to do any manual work and be in front of your computer when the stream starts. You just need to schedule the stream, and it will function automatically. This provides the best streaming experience to you at the end of the day. You can make the stream visible to a wider audience with the help of this.

Whether you stream company updates, product demos, music, TV shows, documentaries, or anything, you can simply schedule the stream on simulcasting. It will automatically start streaming as per the configurations you made. You can even schedule content on simulcasting for multiple days because IbadaLive offers you the chance to access comprehensive functionality.

Simulcasting custom restream for the Social Media Stream

IbadaLive allows you to simulcast a custom restream on social media networks. We are living in a world where people usually prefer to access their social media accounts multiple times a day. This is one of the greatest reasons why you need to think about making your video streams available through social media. It will not be a challenge for the people who use IbadaLive for their video streaming needs. That’s because IbadaLive offers an in-built feature, which you can use to simulcast custom restreams for social media.

If you don’t want to use the same TV stream on social media, this feature will be highly useful. There are limits and restrictions to streaming content on social media. For example, you should be mindful of copyright violations before you stream something. If you suspect that you will be subjected to copyright violations by streaming a TV stream on social media, you may consider using this feature. That’s because you can customize the restream and get rid of all copyright issues. Then you can stream a social media-friendly feed via the social media channels.

Simulcasting to Facebook/YouTube/Periscope/DailyMotion/Twitch etc.

Video streaming through video players is getting out of date. As of now, people have access to many other platforms, where they can stream videos. If you are still conducting your TV streams through traditional channels, this is something that you should be careful about. Continuing to stream TV content in traditional ways will eventually get you into trouble. Instead of waiting for that to happen, you should look for ways to make your stream available to people in channels that are conveniently accessible to them. That’s where you need to focus on streaming on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, DailyMotion, and Twitch.

IbadaLive allows you to simulcast your TV stream to multiple platforms without any restrictions. They include Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, DailyMotion, and Twitch. It is up to you to pick a platform based on your preferences. For example, if you’re streaming gaming content, you can simulcast the stream to Twitch. This is the best method available to make your video stream available to a wider audience. On top of that, simulcasting on different platforms can help you to simplify the workflow and reduce bandwidth. You will even be able to simulcast videos on Facebook, YouTube, and any other platform with full HD 1080p.

Simulcasting to Social Media Scheduler: Automatically relay to social media as per Schedule

TV stream scheduling is one of the most beneficial features offered by the IbadaLive as of now. If you are planning to stream content in social media along with that, you should take a look at the social media scheduler as well. This will help you to get most features offered by IbadaLive while saving up some free time.

Imagine that you have scheduled a TV stream today at 5 pm. You want to simulcast the same through your Facebook page as well. This is where the social media scheduler will come into play. You will need to configure the social media scheduler separately. Then you can get the video stream to play on your social media as well.

The social media scheduler is compatible with numerous social media channels. The social media scheduler is quite user-friendly, and you will not have to face any problems when you are scheduling it. You will have the freedom to schedule the TV stream at any given time. Whether you want to schedule your entire TV stream or just a part of it, you can expect to receive all the support you want with the social media scheduler.

Statistics & Reporting

While conducting a TV stream, you should not just do it for the sake of it. You will need to look for ways to take it to the next level. This is where you should get feedback from your TV streams. Statistics and Reporting come into play in such a situation.

IbadaLive allows you to access comprehensive statistics and reports related to your stream. You can get them in an easy-to-understand format. By just taking a look at the statistics and reports, you will be able to decide on how to improve your video stream.

The statistics and reporting feature of the IbadaLive will help you to analyze the history of viewers. Along with that, you can also see the amount of time that viewers enjoyed your stream. If you see low figures, you can look for ways to improve the quality or engaging nature of the video stream, where you can get more viewers.

You can also filter the analytics by date. For example, you can see statistics for today, the last three days, last seven days, this month, or last month. Or else, you can even define a custom period and gain access to the details.

Stream Recording

While you are streaming content, you might come across the need to record it as well. This is where most video streamers tend to get the help of third-party screen recording tools. You can indeed use a third-party screen recording tool to record the stream. However, it will not always provide the most convenient stream recording experience to you. For example, you will mostly have to pay and buy stream recording software. You cannot expect the stream recording to be of the highest quality as well. The in-built stream recording feature of the IbadaLive allows you to stay away from this struggle.

The in-built stream recording feature of the IbadaLive allows you to record your live streams directly. You can have the server storage space to save the recorded video files. They will be available under a folder named “Live Recorders”. You can easily access the recorded video files via the file manager. Then you can export the recorded file, which you can use for any other purpose. For example, you might even be able to take these recorded files and add them to your IbadaLive playlist again. It will help you with saving time in the long run.

Watermark logo for Video Player

We see numerous watermarks in TV streams. For example, TV stations add their logo to the TV stream as a watermark. On the other hand, advertisements can also be made visible on the TV stream in the form of watermarks. If you want to do the same, you may take a look at the watermark logo feature offered with IbadaLive .

As of now, IbadaLive allows you to add up to one logo and show that as a watermark in the video stream. You have the freedom to pick any logo and use it as a watermark. You will be able to position that prominently within the video that you stream.

If you are trying to get your brand displayed along with the video stream, you should take a look at the feature to add your logo as a watermark. Then you can ensure that all the viewers can see the logo as they continue to watch the stream. By doing this, you can make your logo familiar to them in the long run. This will eventually unlock numerous opportunities for you. You just need to experience those benefits by promoting the logo as a watermark in the video that you stream. IbadaLive will allow you to do that with ease. Even if you want to change the logo watermark every day, you can easily configure that via IbadaLive .

Web TV & Live TV Channels Automation

Our Web TV and Live TV Channels automation feature will help you to stream like a professional. We provide an engaging platform that can help you to overcome manual work and experience the benefits of automation. You just need to pre-configure the streaming media server and automate its functionality based on your preferences.

When you are using IbadaLive, you can create server-side playlists and schedule them. That’s all you need to do, and the pre-defined playlists will play on time. In other words, you can get your streaming panel to function pretty much similar to a real television station.

Scheduling the server-side playlist will not be a challenge as well. We provide a simple drag and drop interface, which you can use to create a custom playlist as per your preferences. You can sort the media files and even assign tags to them. By using these features, you can pre-define a playlist within the shortest possible time.

Apart from living TV channels automation, you can go ahead with web TV automation as well. Once you define the playlist, you can get it to be updated on the websites of your clients in real-time. There is no need to do any code changes for the changes to be visible.

If you start using IbadaLive, you will surely be able to save your time. On top of that, it can deliver the best experience to you of media streaming as well.

Website Integration Widgets

Do you wish to integrate a TV stream through your website or the website of another person? This is one of the best methods available for you to increase the number of people who watch your stream. You are just enabling your TV stream through an additional channel for the interested people to watch. You can do this with the help of website integration widgets offered by the IbadaLive.

One of the best things about website integration widgets is that you don’t have to deal with the hassle of copying and pasting codes into the source code of the website. You just need to integrate the widget, without making any alternations to the code. Hence, the process of implementing the functionality on a website will be a less risky one.

As soon as you integrate your TV stream to a website via the IbadaLive widget, you can make the visitors of the website see all your streaming videos.

Even if you want to get your video stream on the website of another person, you can request it. That’s because enabling the video stream can be done with the simple integration of a widget. IbadaLive will use this feature to get the maximum number of views to your TV streams as possible.